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IMG_6954Meghan knew she wanted to teach dance to children when she moved out to Seattle from Colorado. She started a class on her own which inspired ideas and ways to teach children. In her exploration of forming a class she discovered the Creative Dance Center and Anne Green Gilbert who had been teaching dance to children and all ages for 25 years and had written books on the subject. Feeling grateful Anne was so close by Meghan began observing and mentoring at the Creative Dance Center and then eventually teaching there. It has been an amazing journey meeting so many children and families who come ready to dance and engage with the joy of learning and moving at the same time.

Creative Dance is active learning for teacher and student in how to meet the students in the moment where they are at each class. Meghan has a background in Psychology and Sociology and holds a Masters in Education with a focus on movement/dance for children with learning disabilities. She has taught Integrated Dance and studied Integrated Dance at the University of Washington. She has worked with children for almost 20 years specializing at times with at risk youth and children and teens on the autism spectrum. Bringing dance into her work has made a joyful place to teach and learn.

“Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.” William Stafford

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