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IMG_0062I was certified and have been teaching Yang 24 short form TaiChi and QiGong since October 2009. I am also 200 hr. RYT Yoga certified and have been intrigued on how the two practices and disciplines often cross paths. I thank God for the infinite blessings, inspirations, energy and acquaintances that I have been allowed on my TaiChi journey.

The movements are simple, often referred to as “complex simplicity”. No special clothes are required, and shoes are optional. The practice of TaiChi and QiGong reap both instant gratification and long-term rewards and benefits. As we move through flowing muscular movements and balance, meditating and concentrating on the meditative terms used to describe our movements, we relax and understand that we truly don’t have to lie still to find meditative benefits. It truly becomes, “meditation in motion”.

I teach because I find the practice beneficial to my health, concentration, balance, awareness of my body, not to mention to be able to pass on this beautiful practice and benefits to others. The practice is not just limited to just a few but to all fitness levels. I love hearing testimonies of benefits from my students!

I challenge students to come willing to learn, willing to slow down and have that anticipation to be Blessed!

May you be Blessed, may you be a Blessing!

Rita Schilling

“Building the body can be achieved only when the mind has been disciplined first”—Lao Tzu

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