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IMG_4885After earning a B.A. in archaeology and working with the DNR for several years, Melody decided to pursue her passion in massage and completed her massage therapy training through the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in Indianapolis.  As a former Division 1 athlete and high school  running coach, Melody is particularly sensitive to the needs of the body during training and the injuries that may plague both current and former athletes.
Melody is passionate about helping people improve their daily active lives, whether training for a marathon or simply going about their day free from pain and restriction.  Her continuing education pursuits include “Approaching Sports Injuries and Massage,” “Dynamic Stretching for Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation” and “Myofascial Release Techniques.”
From Melody-
“I live in Irvington with my husband, two children and several pets, including some very kooky chickens.  I enjoy being outdoors camping, hiking, and running as well as the quieter pursuits of gardening and reading.”
Melody’s specialties include deep tissue massage and sports massage.  She is also effective working with women pre and post their pregnancies.
“Be the change you wish to see” – Gandhi


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