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MaeveMaeve Laverty moved from Ireland in 2009 and now calls Indianapolis her home. She had taught at the IUMC Preschool since 2010, and it according to Maeve, “Working with the kids is truly a vocation.”
“The sense of community here is lovely. We are all like little pebbles causing a ripple effect of kindness, love and support,” says Maeve. “I have been Girl Friday for Laura Lea since 2014 and enjoy every moment. The Irvington Wellness Center is a wonderful sanctuary from the busyness of our world. It is a little piece of heaven here on earth.” “I am Maeve in ‘Move with Maeve’. It is a pure joy to move and jiggle and dance and wiggle with all the kids that want to do the same. Guess I’m just a big kid at heart!”

“Always listen to your inner voice. It will lead you where you need to be.”

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