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IMG_9694I absolutely love what I do. I work very hard to keep raising my skill level to offer my clients the very best and highest quality of conscious touch. I am passionate about helping others create “aha moments” for themselves – Zero Balancing is the most profound modality I have discovered that allows people to center themselves at the deepest levels. This year my leading edge, it developing myself more as a ZB teacher.
I am excited this year to offer more Zero Balancing classes, so that I can share this wonderful gift with other therapists, wellness and healthcare professionals.

I am very excited about helping create Irvington Wellness Center, and I adore my clients. I feel so honored and fortunate to have such incredible people walk through my door.

Little by little, we are growing and growing. I love seeing a full yoga class, but what really thrills me is after yoga class, seeing the smiles and comradery and community that is being developed here.
We are not just classes, we are community – building that community is what Irvington Wellness Center is all about.

While people do become more fit here, fitness is not our goal. While people become stronger here, strength is not our goal. While people improve their mind/body connection here – that is not our goal either. Our intention is for people to be happier. That’s it. The fitness, the strength, the increased awareness are all wonderful side-effects that happen when people dive into themselves.

My hope is that by accessing the space through classes and services, people will have a deeper connection to who they really are, and of course, have a lot of fun doing it. Because having fun, surrounded by people you love is a great way to live.

Masters in Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis, 1995
Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Cum Laude, Indiana State University, 1986
Certificate in Massage Therapy – 200 hours, Academy of Reflexology, Indianapolis 2002
Certificate in Reflexology – 200 hours, Academy of Reflexology, Indianapolis 2003
Brain Gym® Instructor – 200 hours Educational Kinesiology, 2006
Licensed Massage Therapist in State of Indiana, 2009
Certified Zero Balance Practitioner, 2010
Zero Balancing Faculty Graduate, 2012

Cranio-sacral training from Upledger Institute.
150 + hours of specific training in cranio-sacral coursework, including mouth work for TMJ dysfunction

Post-graduate continuing education classes of 1500+ hours have focused on developing manual techniques in a variety of complimentary modalities such as cranio-sacral therapy, lymph drainage, visceral mobilization, acupressure, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Lomi Lomi massage, Zero Balancing and manual techniques for brain/spinal cord.

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Working Hours

Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat & Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm