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Irvington Wellness Center is a delightful place to be for many reasons. Our guiding quote is “Yesterday, I was clever and I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to help you build more flexibility, more core strength, more mindfulness, more fun, more joy on your journey to become your most authentic self.

Check out our incredible staff of yoga teachers, Susan Baggarly, Gaynell Collier-Magar, Savanah Strever, Anna Noack and Mary Doherty – These yoga divas combines for hundreds of hours of teaching experience. The yoga here is laid back, heart-felt and real. We have Yoga for Men, Gentle Yoga for Ages 50+, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Flow & Slow and Restorative Yoga.

We also offer Tai Chi classes with Rita Shilling, pilates-yoga Fusion Classes with Hannah Enochs and mat pilates with Laura Lea Sweney. Laura Lea is also developing a core class using the best low-tech device ever- the lowly yet powerful – foam roller.

If you are looking for a deeply intense and profound experience, we offer Soulful Breathwork with Lynn Tisza on select Sunday evenings.

We offer Touch for Health energy work with Lisa Segull. Lisa also offers nutritional counseling.

At the helm, we have Laura Lea Sweney – trained as a physical therapist – she has well over 20 years of exeperience and over 2000 hours of continuing education and training in a wide variety of modalities such as cranio-sacral therapy, visceral mobilization, lymph drainage, acupressure, Lomi Lomi massage, Brain Gym, and Zero Balancing(ZB). She certified to teach Zero Balancing and Brain Gym. Her greatest love is ZB and her new love is Spring Forest Qi Gong. She is ready to put her heart, skills and intuition to work for you.

Zero Balancing is a leading-edge mind-body modality. The work is done in the deepest layer of the body- the bones. The rejuvenating effects of a Zero Balancing session leaves you feeling like your mind and body have been rebooted. In the words of our beloved client, Jen Dowling, “ZB intertwines your whole being. Your life intentions, physical alignments, and thoughtfulness are connecting and all improved after the experience. The sessions are part dreaminess and part intervention, but always awakening.”

For more information you can check out www.zerobalancing.com or view a ZB video- starring real clients from Irvington Wellness Center.

We are located in downtown Irvington, an active, vibrant community – home to Jockamo’s Pizza,Indy Cycle Specialists,The LegendSnips and much more. Bundle up a couple activities and spend the day or afternoon in Irvington. You can have a massage, then a bite of lunch. Or shop for a bike at Indy Cycle Specialist after a yoga or Pilates class.