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Creative Dance for Toddlers

Creative Dance for toddlers offers a five-part multiple intelligence curriculum including music, the BrainDance©, exploring a practical everyday dance concept such as level, speed or relationship. We use various props as we move practicing gross and fine motor skills.

For the toddler age we focus on the social and emotional, encouraging bonding with parents while being introduced and dancing with friends. Language is supported with rhymes and each child is supported and encourage to learn in their own style at their own pace. It is also a nice workout for parents as they fully participate creating a model for the toddlers as they are watching and learning through their visual cortex where a major part of learning is taking place at this age. Safety and Fun are first priorities in this class! Based on the knowledge that if these are present then learning and connection can happen. This class is ideal for walkers to 2.5-years-old and a caregiver.

Saturdays // 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
$15 drop-in or use your Class Pass // $48/4 Classes or $110/10 Classes
Your instructor is Meghan Sissom

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Field Trips

We offer field trips for kindergarteners to the fourth graders! Kids will experience a wellness sampler package of Zero Balancing, QiGong, Yoga, Brain Gym, Reflexology and Breathwork. This is a great opportunity for your students to learn some empowering, hands-on techniques to build a more peaceful world while instilling some unique gifts to bring back to their friends and family.

The cost is $5/child. We are able to accommodate groups of 10-20.

Call us at 317-292-2802 to schedule!