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Pilates is a profound and powerful gift you can give yourself. Within weeks of practicing, you can experience more upright posture, more energy and of course, more core strength. When you strengthen your body mindfully with breath and focused movement, the rewards are feeling stronger and more confident in your body/mind, plus improved ability to focus and concentrate.

Pilates students become students of their own bodies, and this practice can relieve low back pain and sciatica. As a person ages, it takes more effort to keep the body well. Pilates is a very efficient way to build not only strength, but focus, concentration and stamina as well.

Our teacher is Laura Lea Sweney, who has a masters in Physical Therapy and is a certification candidate with Basi Pilates.

Pilates for Beginners
This class is for the true beginner, and we spend a lot of time on proper alignment and breath. We have a 5 minute cardio-warm-up, focus on core exercises with manual and verbal cues to help you feel and engage the proper muscles. When you really tune in and feel those core muscles working together, it can be a real game changer. Standing upright with better posture will happen with greater ease and less effort. The class ends with a 6-9 minute relaxation period for you to integrate the work.

Pilates for Intermediates
This class has a 5 minute cardio warm-up and then we get right into the work. We follow a traditional pilates mat workout, working the core, the back, and the extremities. We will be honing and refining our basic skills with Classical Pilates, plus lots of opportunities to take your practice to the next level. We will also use hula hoops, foam rollers and Swiss Balls as we progress. You’ll begin to see results in your everyday life after several weeks of practicing Pilates on a regular basis. Standing upright with better posture will happen with greater ease and less effort. We incorporate some balancing activities as well and finish with a 6-9 minute Savasana, so you leave feeling refreshed, alive and relaxed.

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