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Join us on select Sunday evenings for Soulful Breathwork with Lynn Tisza. This profound and powerful work may be just what you need to clear out old patterns and habits that no longer serve you.

This practice is a powerful and graceful process of breathing that brings awareness to our soul’s deepest desires and the healing forces of love.

During the practice of breathing, one may have experiences of; complete rest, a feeling of being re-energized, a routine thought may give way to new inspiration, a healing from a past event or situation, a new perspective emerging around a troubling situation. Any or all of these experiences and more may take place.

The breath is an amazing function that sustains us when we are awake, asleep, conscious and unconscious. It is one of the first actions we take when we are born, how perfect that it continues to serve throughout our entire life.

Experiences people have shared

“the very first breathwork session showed me how powerful I am and how connected I am to the universe. I experienced energy flowing through my entire body. It was tangible and powerful!”

“I found this from of breathwork to be gentle, comfortable and highly effective in providing clarity in my life.”

“I have gained invaluable insights and practical skills for engaging my life in ways that are more productive, creative, less stressful, and self-fulfilled.”

If it’s your first time, please arrive at 5:40 pm for breathwork instruction, if you attend regularly, please come 10 min early to set up your space. Class breathing starts promptly at 6:00, so we need everyone in place a few minutes prior.
We do have a few yoga mats and blankets on site, however it is recommended you bring your own pad and a pillow.

Pricing for Soulful Breathwork
Group sessions are one hour @ a cost of $25.00 per person. Purchase 4 sessions and receive the 5th one free.

Check the calendar for dates.