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When you can’t make it to a coast to take in the cell-nourishing ions of an ocean breeze, come relax with a friend in our Salt Room. Our Salt Room has a half ton of the finest, purest, Himalayan salt in the world! It is a warm, uplifting and cozy place to come, breathe and just be.

Pure Crystal Salt ionizes indoor air, simulating the cell-nourishing ions of an ocean breeze and the Himalayan salt used in our salt room is mineral rich, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial, providing an environment where just sitting and breathing delivers multiple benefits to the health of your respiratory system, skin and emotional well-being promoting healing and relieving of various ailments in the same way as salt crystal caves.

Himalayan salt is known to:

  • Increase your ability to breathe deeply and easily
  • Help clear up colds in less time
  • Achieve better sleep
  • Leave you feeling energized
  • Help you relax and experience deep meditation

What to Wear
Please wear comfortable clothes and a pair of clean white socks. (If you forget, we can loan you a pair!)

What do I do in the Salt Room?
Our recommendation is to do nothing. You can lay back in one of our zero gravity chairs or do a sitting meditation on the bolster. We look for the softest materials and most beautiful things in the salt room. There are crystal and copper sound bowls for you to experience. There are gorgeous crystals for your to gaze upon. And new in 2018, we’ve added a tuning fork, complimentary crystal-infused water, and new cozy blankets!

Our natural salt room is an oasis. It is beautifully hand crafted using only pure fair trade Himalayan salt and all natural woods and materials. You can lie comfortably and relax deeply. You can read, listen to music, work on your computer or meditate. We’ve even had people play their ukulele! You can even bring a friend for no additional cost.

60 minutes for 1-2 people / $25

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