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We are a group of experienced and highly skilled bodyworkers and wellness professionals dedicated to assisting you find relaxation and rejuvenation within yourself.

Irvington Wellness Center is home to therapists who will provide you the best in fitness and bodywork. You will receive individualized sessions that cater to your personal needs.

Salt Room

Check Out our New Salt Room!

This room has half a ton of the finest, purest, Himalayan salt in the world! Meditations, Acupuncture and Zero Balancing Services are available in this room, or schedule the room for your own personal relaxation!

Read about the benefits of Salt Room therapy.

Come and join us for Pilates and Brain Gym classes, Tai Chi/Chi Gong, Yoga and Transformational Breathwork classses. We also have a unique and wide selection of bodywork offerings including Swedish and deep tissue massage, Zero Balancing, cranio-sacral therapy, lymph drainage, and visceral mobilization.

Brain Gym classes and one to one balances offer you the opportunity to re-wire your nervous system and make learning easier. The mission of Brain Gym International is to empower all ages to reclaim the joy of living.

Zero Balancing is a leading-edge mind-body modality. The work is done in the deepest layer of the body- the bones. The rejuvenating effects of a Zero Balancing session leaves you feeling like your mind and body have been rebooted.

We are located in downtown Irvington, an active, vibrant community - home to Jockamo's Pizza, Indy Cycle Specialists, Dufours, The Legend, and Snips. Bundle up a couple activities and spend the day or afternoon in Irvington.You can have a massage, then a bite of lunch at Legend, Jockamo's Pizza, or Dufour's. Shop for a bike at Indy Cycle Specialist after a yoga or Pilates class.

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